Who needs Mr. Robot or all that hacker shows, if reality is just as crazy:

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    I don't find ddos particularly cool or interesting :/ I don't really consider it hacking either
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    @Eqb8 @bizzarist Sure. - Much in the vein of your complaints: I read and understood the disenchanted comparison of the mirai software with the ancient Morris worm (https://blog.appcanary.com/2016/...). My amazement is though more at the narrative whirl and the bizarre personnel of that s(cript)kiddy underworld, that's what I wanted to express...
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    @bizzarist You didn't, no offence taken. As web based communication is always so abridged it's sometimes hard to guess intentions and tone. (And then English is also usually not our native language...)
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    While i agree with everybody about ddos not being hacking, i consider mirai hacking atleast in the since of when it was first written. Now when the script kiddies get a hold of it completly it won't be but writing it the way they did was beautifully done despite how it is used, while i do see 3 ways it could be made better
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    @jckimble Didn't really scroll past the password dictionary in the Mirai source,.. but just from the story there should be the routines to kill other bots 'n stuff. You read more into it? (I was a bit startled that Krebs in his article considered "Go" a somewhat exotic language...)
    Dunno, here was a guy describing a bit what mirai did to his ip camera: https://storify.com/yurisagalov/... - I'm just a regular dev nothing to do with hacking whatsoever, so I just started reading up on that stuff...
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