This is my debugging pal.

He gobbles em all up.

No, really, he is. This isnt just for the practical humor. Hes actually my debug pet thing.

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    What do you feed him?

    Pls don't say bugs 😂
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    wow, awesome, i want one of these
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    @lisper He is my 4th, I totally recommend them, so much fun. Difficult to get the hang of caring for though.
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    @androso @AlgoRythm I call them features
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    @AlgoRythm how do you feed them?
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    @lisper You really don't unless you want to play with them a bit. They eat about a bug every two weeks until they get very large, and usually theyre better off not eating much at all. Their traps only have a few good springs in them, and then they die. Feeding the plant too much can stress it put and kill it. Its not like having an animal where you need to feed it. The only thing it needs regularly is water and sunlight
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    @AlgoRythm oh great, thank you.
    whats their name btw?
    i dont think i can find them here tho
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    @lisper Whats the name of my flytrap? He's anon atm.
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