Client: "Perfect! How did you do this so quickly?"
Me: "I used a library"
Me: "I'm still debugging. It will take some time"
Client: "Well, it has already taken too long...I can hear Mozart in the background. Maybe you need to go to a library to get some quiet and get it done fast. Visit the one you used yesterday."
Me: "Library?...Ah, I meant plugin...like, code...a library is a bunch of packaged code"

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    That was kinda cute lol
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    that's why you say to the client it will take an hour, then you do the work in 15min and just say its done when it has taken 45min.
    The client will be happy, because you done the job before the time you said you would.
    You will be happy, because you will have time to spare/work on other things.
    everyone will be happy ☺ hahahah
    obs.: scale the time I said above taking as base the time it takes to you finish the job xD
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    300. Hope I helped :)
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    Client: "why are you debugging?"
    You: "I used a library"
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