WTF is with the entire Angular2 eco system and "half instructions". Started learning it and every inch is a struggle, out dated docs and code samples and then this style of shit:

Google: "Angular2 and bootstrap"
Result: "Install ng-bootstrap to get native bootstrap components written in Angular by the Angular UI team"
Me: Install != work

Google: "ng-bootstrap not working"
Result: "You also need to install bootstrap css, heres how"
Me: Install, plus try component
Error: "Bootstrap requires jQuery"

Google: "Installing jQuery in Angular 2"
Result: <Instructions>
Me: Install, still not working

Google "Angular2 ng-bootstrap bootstrap jQuery"
Result: "Don't forget to also include Tether"


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    Are you including the NgbModule in your app module? You need Bootstrap 4 CSS for it to look right, but not JS, so you don't need jQuery.
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    @spongessuck yep including it. Don't need jquery for it to look nice, but things like the nav bar toggler don't work without it
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    @spongessuck FYI, all fixed now and working, just ranting about the shit state of affairs I had to go through to get here
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    And that's exactly what caused me to move away from Angular 2. The partial instructions for everything made it more difficult than necessary to get started.
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    Pretty normal in JS frameworks. It's a bit more sane in react.
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    I feel for you mate
    Currently struggling with trying to learn the damn thing too.

    Took a little break from it cuz worked suddenly picked up.

    I made a post about it
    Someone posted a reference to a youtube tutorial that seemed pretty good.
    The YouTuber did a 1 hour crash course as a taster for his full course on udemy

    Check my past rants and you should find it
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