Dev: "presenting my privacy-focused XYZ app!"

App: is 100% online despite features I could build in fucking bash, has integration with 3 other sites

Me: [x] Doubt

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    "Lightweight and lightning fast app"

    Built with Electron from a template.
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    Mega has a 100% online client that is written in such a way that the server never receives the password or unencrypted data.
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    https://noo.js.org/ is a web-based password manager where the server never receives anything at all.
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    @homo-lorens what’s the point of an online client if it doesn’t send data between a server or another client?
    Just because it’s possible doesn’t mean it makes sense.
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    @Lensflare Ease of development. It's a simple idea executed in a simple way.
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    @Lensflare it generates passwords with a secret and the domain you will use it in.

    So they would have implemented a hard to crack, but no uncrackable, algorithm based on those two inputs you provide plus probably something else on their end.

    It dies not send anything ti any server because jt can generate the same password for the same domain given you provide thw same secret.

    Just RTFM dude took me 2 minutes while in the 🚽

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    @homo-lorens Mega also doesn't make any fucking sense without internet connection. That's not the kind of web app I meant.

    Password managers on the other hand can run just as well 100% offline, with the user having full control over all data. There are cases where this isn't enough, but for most people who don't already use one registering an account is just another obstacle.
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    @deadlyRants I can imagine very few situations where you'd need a password manager without internet connection. (Except credit cards, but this one is useless for that case anyway.)
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    Also this one has a service worker so network connection isn't actually needed after the first visit.
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