Client wants something that makes no sense in UX land. We tell them that it makes no sense. Client doesn't listen, tells us to do it anyway.

We do it anyway. Client has doubts about a small detail of the implementation. And asks us what our advice would be.

My advice would be that you start listening to the professionals. How am I supposed to give "advice" on a detail of something I disagree with in general?

Her: "I'm going to cut off one of my hands."

Me: "I recommend you do not do that."

Her? "Would you cut off the left or the right hand? I can't decide."

Me, saying: "I have no preference in this."

Me, thinking: "You should cut off your fucking ears, you're obviously not using them."

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    I can't always do it but I try to get them to explain to me 'why' they want that and show me an example of the workflow ....

    SOMETIMES they're willing to listen to alternatives that make (make the button spin the screen around) unnecessary because they're trying to fix something that can be fixed with common sense.
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    Picture Time!

    (Picture time is when people are going to do something stupid,... but they're too stupid to understand,... so I draw a picture to illustrate how stupid they are being in terms that are dumbed down enough to understand.)
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