Finally got this to work! So proud of this!

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    Congrats! I always wanted to do that! Ran out of time though, my tinker with systems days have passed lol
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    @bryceleo One of the few things I like about still being in HS. Lots of time for tinkering
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    Haha amen to that. In HS I decided to see how many distros I could get on my computer. 9 distros and windows 98 using crappy old LILO as a bootloader.
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    @bryceleo rip. I'm up to 3 right now. Win10, Ubuntu, and now LFS
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    @var-username good job i was about your age when i did that also. How many times starting over did it take?
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    @jckimble well first I tried putting it on a flashdrive with three partitions and no idea what I was doing. Had to reformat around 27 times. Then I tried it on a local partition with a semblance of knowledge and it only took 1 try-fail-reformat
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    @var-username yeah advanced partitions are a damn pain on any linux if you don't know how to do it before hand. But other than that you did better than i did. Took me 3 trys. I havent looked into lfs since then are they still promoting coreutils or have they switched to busybox?
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    @jckimble still using coreutils. Doesn't matter too much to be though, I love the selective minimalism.
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