What is it with stickers and developers?

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    We like to stick things to other things? I have a few more dirty minded versions to this but I don't know, we like to show support for something with stickers or images rather then money makes us look supportive without braking the bank, what to be fair is like 2.50 in the red
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    If it's stickers from dev communities, workshops or events then I guess it's just bragging rights. Also it's nice to add a little personality to your laptop, etc :)
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    Mmm i just don't understand how people don't mind sticking a bunch of ugly stickers on an expensive (and pretty) object like a laptop.. maybe it's just a guy thing? I mean, girls get to play with Barbi and Micky Mouse stickers when they are little.. 😜
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    Where else do you put free stickers?
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    @lordmirziteh on the tears of innocent children
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    @vortex because people like originality? You're not going to find another dev with the same stickers and laptop exactly the same as yours. And I paid 400$ for my dev laptop, twice the specs as my 1000$ macbook air currently collecting dust becaus it is broken, so not exactly and expensive piece lol
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