I just started but I'm already tired.

For some years I have worked in the industry, not a lot, I know right but I really wonder how do you deal with all "not code-related" bullshit.

IT should be a dynamic field but somehow it is stuck inside the business logic which is all about the money and that does not take care of the real matter which is "code engineering".

- Most of the projects I have seen are an utter mess.
- No real structure
- Code is literally thrown somewhere to make stuff works and fix bugs
- Features which should require X amount of time are planned and shipped earlier ignoring best practices.
- The customer changes idea every week
- Nobody wants to pay for a reasonable architecture but prefer to keep financing un-maintainable projects that only God knows where they have been made (presumably in Hell)
- Juniors devs with no real senior following them committing unreasonable stuff
- Seniors devs thinking they are but they aren't.
- Company that keeps delivering projects even if they have not the required amount of people to make it in time.

Seems like nobody wants to stop and take time to think and make the right decisions. I see people running around me like crazy ants.

But, above all, what really kills me deep inside is HR. You are looking for "dynamic" "talented" "cool" devs but you are not willing to pay them enough.

Should I talk about LinkedIn?

Oh, God... Even the worsts companies sound like they are into Fortune 500. I feel so much hypocrisy here.

I have worked for big and small IT companies.
In the end, is all about "inside politics", everything which is getting financed is not because of usefulness but because of "relationship".

I started coding when I was really young.
After ten and more years, I finally take the job of my dreams but everything is shuttering under my feet.

If you have some words of wisdom, I'm here to hear you.

I'm not a native English speaker, I apologize for any mistake.

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    This sums up my experience as well. It's a field full of pretentious bitches.

    Welcome to devRant!
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    @rantsauce Thanks, I feel already part of the family
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    Yep... yep... *sigh* same...
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    @AggroProgrammer We are in this together
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    Agree, from Italy <_<
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    Did you heard about uncle bob, when he talked about agile? And what it supposed to do and what business people done with it?
    Worth to listen! Aswell, don't panic, you are a human. You are the master of your profession, be open to other professionals who have the correct experience under their belt and ignore all of the non-tech guys trying to show their power. At the end of the day - those non tech turds are not needed aswell when they have no people to deal with their shit. You are a professional, you give estimates based on your experience, if noone cares about it - it is not your problem, its the people who cant understand the need of estimate :)
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