So me and a couple of my teammates were developing a website for artists where all the things related to artists such as artworks, events, geolocation info etc. happen to live.
2 months down the line, the client comes up with another team who is supposed to develop iOS and Android apps to give the users the ability to leverage this data.
Now this team is so annoying that they want the API according to the specifications they provide. That's really weird. API should be generic, right?

But no, this doesn't end here, the PM of mobile app team comes up with a specification document for the API and what does it contain, a few endpoints which go as below:-
/home - To bring all the home screen data
/events - To bring all the event screen data. But here is a twist, on Event screen, they have defined different sections for Upcoming Events, Workshops, Talks etc. And for each event type they don't want a filtered API but just this single endpoint which will contain all event types data in their own JSON keys.

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    I would find that unworkable ...

    Like the API shouldn't be shaped by the front end that much. That is going to change. The resources the API provides should be defined, and to some extent easy to get ... but then front end goes and gets them as they need / their requirements change.... with some additions to the API at times... but not reworking the whole thing.
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    I tried explaining them that this isn't how the API should be. It is totally wrong and it also increases payload exponentially. But this team is a bunch of imbeciles
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    Just mock the fuck out of them.
    return a 100mb randomly generated data load.
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    @magicMirror That's a really good idea. Gonna just do that
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