Guys, I need some advice. I finally got a customer, and I'm trying to convince them to let me add SSL encryption, but they don't want the extra costs involved, that hosting providers tend to charge.

I don't really know of many hosting providers, as I run my own server, so I was wondering if people could recommend anyone that can let me run a nodejs backend, using mongodb?

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    You can get a cert for free from https://letsencrypt.org
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    Check letsencrypt, free reliable solution for such customers, you can add a cron job which run each 3 month to update the cert validity.
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    Cost of SSL, cheap or free. Cost to implement, minimal. Peace of mind with more security and better SEO, priceless.
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    Sorry, I probably worded that wrong. I was already planning to use letsencrypt, (it's what I use fory personal domain), but I am looking for someone I can host it with.

    I had a look at Heroku, a while back, but from what I had gathered, they didn't allow it.
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    I believe heroku supports...
    Are you using free tier?
    Have you tried this?
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    @avicoder Oh. I see. I had looked a fair bit longer ago than when the article was written. Perhaps I should have checked for updates, since. Many thanks :).
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    Cool $
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    before implementing, check supported browsers for the ssl you want to use. i fucked up and used free cloudflares ssl on a website with mainly third world visitors using outdated mobile phones and old browsers(os's too). when i switched to comodos ssl. page views jumped 5 times. look for a coupon when buying. i paid 4$ for the first year and 9$ is the regular price. also you need to know what are you setting up to be accessible to a lot of users and at the same time give them good security.
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