JS gets a lot of hate lately.

The last month I was developing a mobile app that just showed information. I have to say ionic2 was quite good for it. Sure it's not native but I think it's a good thing for some apps

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    Finally, JavaScript is grabbing a solid spot between the other giants. Embrace it people!
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    Every language has it's good parts and bad parts. JS spec is getting better.
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    Machines are powerful enough not not need a strong-typed, compiled language to run everything. While I prefer writing more structured languages myself, I don't oppose the recent popularity and utilization of JS. It's progress, and thats what programming is all about.
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    It's not like i am a JS kid. Manly i use Python or Java (Python for little skripts or tools). But i dont get why there is so much hate
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    @Jop- So the app we made is performing good and is well functioning... Yeah it's not like native but for showing information it's quite enough.
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    @Jop- If you're talking about games, sure, I agree. If you're on about what most people use hybrid apps for (forms, text presentation etc), you're either
    a) filled with hyperbole
    b) shit at developing with js.
    c) You're comparing with C/ assembly, in which case most languages (including C# and Java) comes up short.

    Fact of the matter is, JS has come a long way from where it was just 3 years ago, not to mention 10. I get that it's cool hating on it, but at least have valid complaints, without basing your arguments on hyperbole.
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    @Jop- I've never seen that, we test with a range of hardware and a skylake celeron based laptop can handle our electron apps just fine.
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    @Xunie Um... Is that english? I dont get your point.
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    @Jop- I'm using VSCode, it's faster than Atom, and faster than webstorm from what I recall from using it (and tons more lightweight, webstorm was way to much imo)
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    @yusijs yeah vs code is nice
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    JS is the fucking worst. I hate how I have to do everything in JS nowadays.
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    @Jop- nylas runs fine on my i3 laptop lol. Same goes for vocode. Only atom runs quite slow imo
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    @everyone (I wish I could) the hate is not for JavaScript, all languages have downsides,. The hate is for the people that are so lazy to learn another thing and who are basically jsNazi (JS The Superior Race) that is what the is about. So u lazy sons of js stop thinking the world is written in JavaScript.
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