So Twitter managed to break its content censorship system so hard that when you tweet the word "Memphis" it insta-bans your account for 12h.

This is hilarious. I had an account lying around and sure thing, within a single page refresh I was banned for mentioning a city in the US.

In case anyone wonders, writing "Memphis" as ban repeal comment seems to have no effect ;)

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    Try a different Tennessee city like Knoxville. See if that gets you banned. Better yet, try Master Slave Memphis
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    Typical Twitter moment

    The entire page is basically "alright how can we manipulate people in the most effective way?"
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    Twitter did not ban Trump until a few days before he stepped down. There are thousands of nazis and porn images, besides the white noise of personal rants and hate speech. So-called "social" media is in fact very anti-social.
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    What about M e m p h i s ?

    I guess we'll go back to the old fashioned way of solving this..

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    Perhaps Memphis is where the new Area 54 is..
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