Any ideas how to skill up devops ? Currently in company im doing simple things with kubernetes, aws, terraform and circleci, and the whole idea click to create your inba cluster is interesting, smells like a few steps from cybersecurity!
Soo i decided to write an app, with two environments, which are staging and prod, configure some ci pipeline, kubernetes deployments and terraform, everything with usage of aws, and then when i will be okay with it, send cv's as devops and change career path.
Seems legit or waste of time ?

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    As long as you learn something it's never a waste of time.

    If you want to go deeper, add load testing and system optimization to your tasks.

    Find out what makes the system go bleep on heavy traffic.

    Eg. I like JMeter for load testing. Lot's of knobs, but might be just my taste.

    sysctl settings, systemd shit, stuff like that.

    What makes the pickle go wroom wroom. XD
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    @IntrusionCM going with the flow i will create a whole SOC later for my dummy app haha :D

    Would be freakin nice imo
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