Not sure if that qualifies as prank...

Had an pretty incompetent CS teacher and used to simply unplug her PC when we had enough of her shit. Usually took her about 45mins to figure out what was wrong with her PC and another 5 of ranting why we'd do that. Eventually she started to check the cable first which reduced the ”downtime” to about 15mins.
However, we soon started to flip the power switch at the back of her machine instead. She never figured that out and called IT several times to fix it.

Thinking about it, it's probably worse than a prank 😅

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    If she's teaching C#and she can't code it then she deserves every last prank
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    @runfrodorun ouch. Not my first language or anything xD. Why do you dislike it, JW?
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    @RhysOC @runfrodorun guys, she was a computer science teacher, not C# 😅😂
    Appreciate your hate though
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    @FoxTobs @runfrodorun ah shit. Well in reply, I think that if you've only read shit code, it's the engineers fault, I've seen plenty of beautiful code in C# but also some genuinely nasty shit.

    And she still shouldn't be teaching computer science xD
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    @RhysOC Don't see that. Isn't computing fundamentally independent of the shitty form we humans will give it? You could compute with rocks in sand or like god ol' Turing with pencil and paper. No need for them messy cables and all the disgusting, abstraction leaking languages to speak to this hairy, imperfect device.
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