I am an idiot. I wrote some 100+ lines of code months ago and I took another look today and it seems like it could've done the same thing in 3. Fuckity fuck fuck.

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    I agree. Good you realized it.
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    Yea I agree you're an idiot
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    Yay, learning!
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    What did you realize (concretely)?
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    You *were an idiot. Now you are enlightened.
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    Was it three lines of LINQ with 200 clauses per line? If so you are going to Hell, Sir.
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    Replacing newlines with semicolons doesn't count!
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    Wouldn't say you're an idiot. An idiot would've left the code that way thinking it was the best possible way of doing it and that it shouldn't be touched. :D you saw a way to improve it and you did it.
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