One good thing about working at a shitty place is you end up knowing what not to do by just pure pain.

I once consulted for a company who had the latest tech - kubernetes, bit bucket, you name it. But it didn't matter. The code was shit. It's not about the tech, it's always about the people that use the tech.

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    I often hear people say: “oh that’s a great framework”, “that’s a great stack to work with”.
    Well actually, it’s only as good as your programming skills and your ability to write (more or less) clean and maintainable code.
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    Been there. The toughest lessons I've learned in tech have come from working with shitty people on shitty codebases.
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    Amen brother.
    I’m at a place now, they’ve got all the latest shizzle. But the code is the worst I’ve seen ever and the project management is nonexistent.
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    @AtuM well in some case if someone has the tendency to duct tape code as fast as possible without taking a step back to work on the design and to document anything, you will end up with a buggy piece of shit code at long term.

    Fucker who did the work before me at my current job had 30% of tests failing for buggy code reasons and never bothered to fix it. Yeah let's keep coding features while tests are failing massively and in turn create even more bugs.
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    @AtuM oh wait I misunderstood your comment nevermind

    Need my morning coffee :-p
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