I despise whovere come up with VBA IDE. Why is all the code confined within one window when multimonitor setups existed even back in the 14'' CRT era? And what sort of a fuckhead thought it's a good idea to throw a pop-up (with a notification sound!) every time you want to move from partially written line to a different one?

But hey, I managed to optimise the data parsing from 97 down to 3 sec.

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    Vba was originally directed at non programers and multi monitor setup was quite rare with the space it took up, lcd was not a thing for monitors.

    VBA has been around since late 80s :)
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    @Voxera While aimed at non-programmers I was always baffled (for example) by lack of any built-in sorting functions. You can't rely on Kevin from accounting to sort his financial data without introducing exponential complexity.
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    @qwwerty In vba in excel you can use Range.Sort

    But when vba was created ban in the 80’s, basic did not have sorting as part of the language.

    You ether wrote your own or used some library with sorting algorithms in them.

    And most languages today is the same, sorting is part of the libraries, not the language.

    I am unsure if vba in other applications have some sorting or if you can import libraries with them.
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