Rails, React, React-Native, Docker, Kubernetes, Openstack, Jenkins, AWS, Microservices, Realm, MongoDB, PostgresQL, GraphQL (list goes on...), and I'm not even done yet.

6 months was spent learning all of the above because I found a Rails-only monolith on Heroku unsettling. My first batch of containers was just deployed and I couldn't be happier. Love my job.

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    Where did you learn them from?
    Links to the sources or naming them would be helpful :).I would like to learn them too :)
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    @cy3erg33k Short answer: Read the docs. You've a keyboard and a browser, don't you?

    Long answer: I created projects without tutorials. I got my hands on a software engineering foundations book, and went from there. My first deploy was on Heroku, buggy and barely functioning. I looked up CS topics, and principles such as DRY and SOLID.

    I read up on software architecture next, and best practices by professionals. I learned to break things down, automate and decrease risk to users.

    The tech I listed in my rant above are just tools to support the craft.

    Good luck!
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    @saintograph Thank you fellow ranter :)
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