How do you deal with your juniors when they do any mistakes? Do you praise them when they overcome any challenges they were facing? Do you blame them rather correcting them? Do you balance both praise and blame to them? Just curious. 😅

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    Everything bad : Should be told ASAP
    Everything good : Can wait a good moment
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    My senior just puts comments in the PRs and Tickets,about what is wrong and should be fixed.
    If we do something in a nice way, or we properly apply designs and techniques he taught us, we get a 👍 in a comment.
    Since they are very rare it feels damn rewarding to get one.
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    Blame is a bad practise. So never.

    If they write shit code, I ask them why, and have they thought of different approaches. Sometimes it may also be apparent that they’re just new to the codebase and have missed something, so I point them to the right direction, or bring to their attention some edge cases to test (which would highlight the obvious flaws in their code) etc. I also nitpick their PR’s, always prepending those comments with ”Nit.:” and explaining why.

    All in all, anything beyond nitpicking is rare at the moment, coz the junior we have atm is actually pretty good. So I usually just give them thumbs up for good code, and a verbal ”good job” before approving the PR...
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    Make sure they understand every single one of their mistakes, but don't make them feel bad about them.

    Only make them feel bad if their attitude is incorrect; being lazy or arrogant etc.

    Also make sure that they know what they're doing right. Praising them and let them know they're appreciated. Else they're gonna give up, and that's not productive.

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