🚀 Hi guys, I created a minimal-looking Hackernews client.

It's still not complete yet. But I'm sharing anyway. Feedbacks are welcome ❤

It's live at https://hn-redesign.vercel.app

Here is the source:

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    Wow! Looks really awesome!
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    @Xoka Thanks mate ❤
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    Looks good 👍 a little suggestion; you can add a simple animation to hamburger menu opening and closing on mobile. Also swipe to open menu would be ease of use
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    @hack Thanks, mate. I have already added that in a working branch but have not pushed it yet. I Will push it along with some other UI fixes next week.
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    nice! 😎👍🏽
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    It sucks when the drivers you write urinate in a bottle
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    Looks good but

    a) this post shouldn't be tagged a "rant"

    b) what is this sorted by?

    clearly not by time, rating nor amount of comments
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    @Hazarth the rant tag gets added to every post automatically. I didn't add it. And the posts are sorted in the same order as the original HN site. I built a custom api that scraps from that.
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    @unicorndev the rant tag is added when you create a new rant/story

    there are other categories:





    I think this falls best into Random, since it's not a story, joke, question nor regarding devRant

    also ah, lol, that's fair!
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    Turn this into an android widget plz. Or send articles via PN on Android app.
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    one thing, make sure that the menu point you‘ve selected shows as „active“ in the menu. Currently there is no way to see which page is open.
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    @lknk Very nice point. I thought about it before.I will definitely add that later on
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    @codecrow Hmm not a bad idea actually :)
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