!dev Just realized I think I have a over diversified stock portfolio...

Now half 30 different stocks... Some of them etfs....

So many possible themes... Health care, ev, tech, recovery, US vs China debt...

How do you decide?

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    I just went the MSCI World and MSCI Emerging Markets way.

    Bought those two ETFs (70:30) and about 15 other stocks that I think are interesting or worth giving a try
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    Charts and technical analysis.

    Also, a very very good trader can track maybe fifteen positions. An average trader can keep up on five.

    If you’re trying to pick a “theme”... maybe learn some TA and follow 1-2 positions.

    “Diversifying” your investments (as you are doing) generally means giving your money to hedge funds to manage (read: make money on), and they pass along some literal crumbs worth about 3% per year. If you’re buying stocks/options directly, you’re just throwing darts, and even if you pick some winners, the profits get lost among your losers.

    In contrast to both, if you know what you are doing, earning 1%+ profit a day is bloody trivial.

    Then again, finding valid information in a sea of the worst fucking advice possible is bloody nontrivial.

    Why is there so much bad advice? “Investment schools” and brokers are incentivized to give you bad advice. They literally make more money (and faster) on you losing your shirt as quickly as possible than on you winning. So, too, do the exchanges. And this terrible advice is so widespread that the exchanges can literally take the opposite position, automatically, on all trades and make a fortune with literally zero effort.

    Trust basically no one and educate yourself. Learn technical analysis, and backtest backtest backtest everything you learn to see if it makes sense, let alone works.

    You can eventually find something that does, and work from there. And find people who use similar approaches and learn from them. And test everything they tell you, too.

    (Also, avoid Elliot Wave. It is seriously overcomplicated and has never worked for me or for anyone I know. Apart from some very embarrassed liars. 😅)

    Recommended starting place for research: Gann, TrueRange, ADX.
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    I'm more of a fundamental analysis kind of person - and once an asset is added onto my list, it stays there unless something hits the fan.

    After that, I just mostly sell put options on that asset until one gets executed, after which I switch to calls with the strike somewhere above what I've paid for the stock.

    Currently doing this for 10ish assets, it's about 15 minutes a day to take care of.

    (I'm planning on automating the whole news thing to save time on that).

    Checking out a new company takes 2 to 4 hours and results in a dossier on economical, ethical, environmental and then some more factors I consider important.

    Charts don't really matter all that much to me, as I'm a long term investor.
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    I don't think, overdiversification is possible when it comes to spreading the risk.
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    I have a managed stocks and shares ISA that mostly invests in ETFs.
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    I have copied warren buffets rule, I just invest in things I understand. And I buy stocks of companies which services I use. So my portfolio is basically Tech & Defense. Also Defense is always good. People get bombed? Stock Price goes up. People dont get bombed? Well those american dipshits buy new bombs anyway.
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    @EdoPhoenix what about uber? Tsla? Grubhub/food delivery app?

    I used those but they're not exactly profitable... Or well TSKA EPS is like $0.5
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    I just buy random stocks and hope for the best
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