Has any of the women in here dealt with "too politically correct" in the office that it's awkward? My boss refuses to just say guys even though I told him I feel singled out when he adds "gal". Or that I can't be better at social skills bc that tends to be stressed more if you're a female; nope i need to find a different reason now. Or telling me how I need to be involved in women's rights movements, those women are actually doing something to make a difference. I mean I'm glad that he's trying to fight for equality, and I know it can be so much worse, but I feel like I'm being corrected on how I should be as a female. Any suggestions? Or am I just being sensitive?

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    @norman70688 why the fuck ? he's trying to be nice but too dumb to do it properly, doesn't make what you suggest acceptable
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    While I agree that this is not the worst that could happen, you should do something about it. Maybe talk to his boss or get another female dev on the team or something.
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    @DeveloperACE why not just tell him directly ? why reach to his boss ?
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    @Qchmqs from the post, it seems like she's already talked to her boss...
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    It sounds like he needs some reassurance. It sounds like he's trying really hard to make you feel comfortable, but might not really know what you need.

    Tell him that it's fine to use 'you guys' as a gender-neutral term. Suggest activities that have great statistical impact on girls but are targeted to everyone, like 'Day of Code'.

    You are allowed to have an identity beyond just 'female'. Try to break this to him gently if he doesn't pick up on it. It sounds like his heart is in the right place even if he's a little bad at it.

    Edit: also I love that even though you explicitly said "any of you women" you still have multiple comments from men. Nice one, guys. 😒
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    I've always wondered how women feel when a guy says "Guys" to a group of males and females... Or even just females. I've always found it to be sort of gender neutral when being used towards a group
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    @nicnaknic I see it as gender neutral to a mixed group. I wouldn't use it for an all female group, particularly if some of them were sensitive about being misgendered.

    There isn't a good casual term for a group of women that doesn't seem to infantacise them or imply that they're something other than female people.
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    @starless Ya my thought as well.
    I always find saying "Girls, Women, Gals" etc to be a little strange to say. When I was younger and Woking in retail I would simply say "How you all doing" Since nothing else seemed to sit right.
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    In recent years, women's rights have changed a lot ...
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