I'm bored af working on crappy php56 legacy apps written by short sighted programmers, makes my life miserable, but the pay is pretty good for a remote job which is pretty rare in here. Meanwhile I'm interested on exploring fundamental stuff on computer science and experimenting new techs.

I'm thinking about doing a PhD but too afraid if I can't finish it or the future opportunity isn't good enough since I live in 3rd world country in southeast asia. Also it probably takes ±8 years to finish it including the preparation.

I have no question, but it would be great if you have some advice.

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    Doing a PhD program offers a lot even if you don't pull it through. Where I live (central Europe), many people don't finish their studies, but still profit from the experiences they make while in the program.

    If you don't see enough opportunities in your country, have you tried applying somewhere else? I mean tech people are still sought after around the world. Maybe get some additional training in electrical engineering or something.
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