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    Java is just as fast as c++
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    @AlgoRythm yes, almost, if it is calling C++ functions using JNI and a C-binding layer ...
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    Java isn't slow anymore, look at some modern benchmarks. It just uses a fucking ton of memory, as expected my a language so object oriented.
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    @AlgoRythm sure, it got better in OO-heavy benchmarks. For any kind of number crunching, i know it is not made for that, it is painfully slow. Since java is used as general purpose lang today, it is still fair to ask if java has support for SIMD (e.g. for statistics). It has not. Depends what you are using it for. If code gets deployed on a few machines and dev time is more expensive than over all runtime, ok. It is not as slow as php. If the program gets deployed on a huge number of nodes, well, get ready to pay for the java dev experience. C++ performance is an upper bound on Java perf, because it has no level of indirection (no VM). Of course you could manufacture a crappy C++ prog and compare to an optimized Java prog and show that it runs as good.
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