*Assigns coworker as reviewer for a PR*
*Reviewer comments on something he thinks should be changed*
*Reviewer realizes I went home as it is Friday afternoon*
*Reviewer is super impatient, and chooses to push the change himself. He then accepts the PR (his own code) , merges, and makes a release*
*Team lead starts yelling since an obvious bug made it to prod - Literally white frontpage*
*Reviewer blames me, since the bug comes from my PR*

... Thanks, former employee. F*cking thanks. I know you got fired for being a d*ck, but I hope karma kicks you in the butt for the rest of your life..
And ps. to you: Don't blame coworkers when you can check the history.

F*ck some people..

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    if all the assholes on this world became sandwiches...

    wait. some people eat ass... that went wrong:)
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    @bad-frog Haha. If all the assholes on this world became sandwiches, world hunger wouldn't be an issue :)
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    @TudiKovin or...
    and just hear me out...
    what if we skipped the middle step...
    you know, the whole turning into sandwiches part...
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    He wouldn't have been in a position to blame you even if he didn't push code or complete the PR — he was the reviewer, so you would have both been responsible. But in this case, he was the only one responsible.
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