I decided to start a new web project tonight. I'm a serial starter-never-finisher, but I thought, "No @AnonymousGuy, you'll work on that android game that's genuinely almost releasable aside from the shitty makeshift UI you gave it while learning Unity."

Fuck yeah. Motivated, I picked up my laptop and put it on my lap. I grabbed my phone, opened DevRant, spent 2 hours reading rants, commenting, +1'ing, and looked down at my laptop. Put it back on the floor. I'm too tired now.

Fuck me and my total lack of self-discipline. 😑

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    Oh yeah and then I didn't learn my lesson because I wrote this rant. 👍


    ..Oh and this comment.

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    Need a partner? Maybe together we can finish something.
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    @deusprogrammer really appreciate that, but to be honest I have a 5 month old so I'm so busy and such a flaky person I wouldn't work well with others!
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