I dislike the damage web development tools have done to my programming habits.

The rapid feedback provided from the development environment (e.g. hot-reloads) encourages me to constantly bang out code with very little consideration for its side-effects.

This tendency has become a handicap when I write instructions for hardware with much less resources, such as a microcontroller.

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    Are you about game programming, this will be a good suggestion for you?
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    You know you can actually do that in simulators. I used to use circuits.io but that has been taken over by Autodesk so don't know if it's still any good. I've seen an alternative around here as well.
    I think platformIO can do something similar but again not sure have not messed with electronics/microcontrollers in a long time.
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    Try to use more pure functions and immutable data to reduce side effects. Use message passing instead of shared state to reduce race condition opportunities.
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