font-family: "Font Awesome" !important;

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    I'm 13 and this is deep
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    The concept of !important seems like a very bad idea in general.
    I mean if you want a priority system, you should probably go with a number, like with z-index.
    If it’s not about priority, then what does it even mean? Like this is important but the other stuff is not? Does it mean that the browser can just do what it wants for things that are not marked important?
    I guess the true meaning is to override other declarations but it is both misleading and stupid because it’s just one level and you can not override something that is !important already.
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    @Lensflare in CSS styling of elements are inherited, and so the depth of an any element in a DOM gets the styling from parent classes.
    Also, if two different styles are defined for the same selector (element), the last definition takes presedence.
    !important just overrides all CSS rules for inheritance and presedence.

    It can and should be avoided by having a good design architecture for the elements in the DOM
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