Wooo hoo! I got suspended from reddit!

Never happened before to me (not site wide at least). Apparently for 'report abuse' from some report I must have made like a month ago?

Some user posting in a sub apparently had a theory that a bunch of other subs and other users were in on some conspiracy against them, supposedly sending death threats and 'spreading lies'.... kinda hard to imagine that some subs with thousands (some with millions) of users are all in on this wonky conspiracy against them....

So anyway I report his nasty little post to the local moderators of that sub because it usually is a chill sub and his post is full of insults and so on.

Turns out... that guy is also a mod of the sub I reported him to.

A month later I get suspended from reddit for 'report abuse'... of course I can't see the 'report abuse' (can't see reports...) so how do you even speak intelligently / appeal?

Moderation at scale is hard, but kinda crazy to think someone employed at reddit decided "yeah this crazy guy is right" and does their bidding ...

I used to moderate a busy gaming forum, and sniffing out the crazy folks was part of the job when accepting new moderators. Wasn't that hard...

Granted no big loss here, just a few days.

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    First off, mafias exist.

    If mafias exist why is it a stretch to think they exist in online forums?

    Edit: Also, reddit is filled with cunts.
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    There's certainly a chain of moderators who help each other out I think.

    I think it's not as super formal as some conspiracy minded folks think.... but I think it is a thing.

    I'm guessing the dude I reported is in one camp and was rejected from another and thus his rant that I reported.

    Meanwhile I'm not in any of them, got my fill of moderator drama long ago, no need anymore.
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    It's called being banned from subreddit, or your Reddit account doesn't exist anymore?
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    It's no a subreddit ban, i've gotten those. This /= that.

    This is a reddit suspension, suspended from interacting with the entire site.

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    @N00bPancakes Must be Reddit Admin then, Good for you, now you're safe
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    @devjesus No doubt, easy enough. I'm not going to bother with that but an easy option for sure.
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    I feel it's very possible you might just have gotten a lazy as fuck reddit mod that didn't give two shits about the whole issue and made the preliminary decision to ban you
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    I got permanently suspended from Reddit a while ago, they got all my accounts too. Honestly no big lose though, besides a few subs I like.
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    @devjesus they do stuff based on your device and IP, but yes not hard to avoid if you care to
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