"Introduction to HTML programming language."

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    ... Hypertext Markup Language Programming Language. Sounds legit
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    Reminds me of that time my teacher listed a bunch of programming languages. HTML was in it too. I raised my hand and asked him what HTML was doing in that list. Felt so good to see his and the classes reaction (class doesn't know a thing about programming). The teacher was like "...oh, right... I suppose it should not be in the list..." and the class was shouting things like "you nerd!" and "this freaking smartass again!". Priceless ;)
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    A markup language is still a programming language, but just has a very limited API. You call functions(tags) with arguments, and get output. It isn't turning complete, but that isn't what defines a programming language. You just can't make your own functions or access the code used to make them
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    @iam13islucky No.

    A markup language adds data and context to data to make it easier for a program to understand it and to know what to do with it.

    You don't "call" an HTML tag or "run" an HTML program.

    HTML is merely data for a program to parse and display.
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    @jallman112 exactly my thinking! ++
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    @jallman112 https://youtu.be/4A2mWqLUpzw
    I think this professor sums up my feelings best about it
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