I would draw furries.

Don't get me wrong, I would not enjoy it. But at this point I'm dependant on the cashflow, and that's the only other thing I know that pays well...

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    lol this and onlyfans.
    and stealing bikes but the industry is approaching limit capacity
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    Are you any good at drawing though?
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    @YADU not at all. I'm not even good at software engineering but here we are
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    @bad-frog The only reason to steal bikes is to stash drugs in the handle bars when you're making TOTALLY legal "medication" deliveries.

    Disclaimer - Not legal advice or encouragement to commit crime. Remember to say the prayer of allegiance six times a day and never forget your st. george washington rosary.
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    @HitWRight people will beat it to anything. even crude stick figures. 2021: the complete and utter death of standards.

    I an only figure that the crude caveman drawings may or may not have been meant to be porn at one point. Like can you imagine those primitive "fertility statues" made of wood or stone?

    Some cave man group were probably in a literal circle jacking it to that statue like total fucking animals.

    Humanity is fucking wild.
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    why not try what everyone else is doing
    as they scurry around trying t o explain how they got to that point apparently.

    just like choose the less sick side of the equation.
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    You could sell your underwear to japs
    Like my ex gf once wanted to do
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    you don't post alot :P
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    i'm a man again :P
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