Already have it.
CNC operator.
I wanted to be cnc programmer but for now I'll have to work with the machines.
And I love it...
Making steel pieces with a 0.01mm precision...
Preparing the tools...
Operating the machine...
That's why I'm doing my own... For over 3 years (no money to finish yet hehe).
Also, got unemployed so I made a 3D drawing formation.
Now I can design, program and machine a full mold.
To bad company owners in my country (Portugal) like slave work... And I'm not accepting jobs for the minimum wage or I would be employed already.

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    You could optionally do CNC work for the western markets (such as the states) seeing as we're pivoting away from Chinese manufacturing.

    Right now if you want to get something prototyped by machine shop or other manufacturer, you're looking at $5k-10k or more.
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    @Wisecrack well, that's arround the price for a single piece... Something over 1t weight
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