I would probably open 2 locations.
A small seaside cafe that would bring exotic types of coffee, roast them in house, package them and sell them. Also have a small breakfast menu for the coffee lovers to enjoy before their walks on the beach.

The second would be in the middle of a busy city a concept of bar/hostclub with a twist. I would hire mostly women and men that have minors/degrees in psychology, teach them how to bartend, and have like a bar/therapy place where the people that work horrible jobs can come drink chill and feel a bit better and not get blackout drunk / fall into alcoholism

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    So basically, the escape places where all devs can go to after a burnout?
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    Is it you... Donovan? Jokes aside. Your bar idea sounds like the Red Strings Club.

    Both ideas sound lovely btw. I’d also like to open my own café one day.
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