When I left university I got a Graduate Developer role at a local start-up. For the first year there i did html and css, second year I was in the support team.

Not a problem because sometimes you have to eat some shit to get where you want to be. But third year I got moved into the Dev team properly.

A month in, the Support team, without someone with a devs brain and a "devs" knowledge of the product, started falling really far behind and struggling and the MD told me I'd be going back into Support for another 6-12 months. So I told him to fuck off, and if he did I'd just leave. They never did and I stayed. πŸ‘

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    Sweet!! Haha
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    Literally the EXACT same thing happened to me. Identical timescales and everything. Unfortunately while you took the red pill I took the blue one. How is your career going now? And how is the start up? Would love to know what would have happened if I'd said "Fuck off"
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    @Nikorag Haha the start up is doing fantastically last time I checked. Got to about 70 staff members (up from 14 when I had started 4 years earlier) and had to learn to grow up in terms of processes etc. Split the Dev team into two streams and I was made a Dev team leader. Couple of years later I left and went into contracting, which I now still enjoy ☺️
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