Anyone have an inexpensive (relative to...I dunno) microphone they use for recording audio?

I'm recording screen captures and adding narration for some 'how to' videos for my employer's apps.

The audio on my headset is really 'tin-y' and I want something that does better. Doesn't have to be spectacular.

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    get the razor siren mini and a microphone stand and place it right before your mouth.
    Costs around $60 and is widely praised as a low cost mic on YouTube.
    But a microphone boom arm is a must.

    Razer Seiren Mini USB Streaming Microphone ... - Amazon.com
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    How about your phone? Phones tend to have quite good microphones, especially flagship models. That's kinda important in a phone, after all. Sometimes the recordings are ruined by noise reduction etc, but you can often turn those off by choosing camcorder or unprocessed as the source.

    If you want something decent, get a condenser microphone with a large diaphragm. Possibly one that plugs directly into usb, for convenience.
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    I have a Trust Gaming GXT 252 Emita USB microphone at around 80 EUR. Works nicely also under Linux.
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