Some old couple screaming I was a liar and a thief because I told them their HDD needed to be exchanged because I wasn't able to install any OS on it... It kept failing on every CD / pen drive I used but it worked with the other store... I left them screaming alone outside the store after telling them to have a good day with a poker face...

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    THEY SAID it worked in the other store. Standard customer blackmail tactics.
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    @cst1992 yeah, i almost told them to fuck off by I tend to always give everyone the benefit of doubt.... Looks like not everyone does that 😂
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    Are you sure your images weren't corrupted? Did you test them on another machine/HDD?

    Either way, super rude customers.. I don't get why people are like that.
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    @iguana yeah, we used them on a daily basis, about 5 times per day and we tested 10 medias on that machine that didn't work so we switched the HDD and tried again and it worked first try.

    Hard to explain this to a customer :/
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