I hate my internet provider.

I configure everything to work remotely and when I try to login to it I got "Http Status 502".

I thought I misconfigure something and recheck everything and still got "Http Status 502".

When I use the internet connection provided by different provider, it works!

Everything is hard to debug without you messing it up internet provider. It like trying to debug the code and find out the problem is in compiler.

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    From where to where are you logging in
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    I am logging into my work from my home.
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    did you run wireshark yet? And it would be helpful to compare the certificates you get from the from the different connections.
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    I don't know why your ISP influences your capability to login to your server. I am very sure it is not the ISP's fault.
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    because ISP block some port?
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    @mr-user an isp portblock eould create an other errormessage. 502 means server error and this could mean that someone manipulated the conmection.
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    @mr-user 🙄

    You get a response from your server (not your browser!) that something is wrong on the server side.
    As it is a 502 (from the server!), it usually means the server / load balancer / whatever cannot reach a backend or the application is not running - as communicating with a backend usually is company network internal, your ISP cannot change a thing here...

    Possible explanations:
    - There is some broken server setup at you company (different IPs are treated differently)
    - You are not connected to your server, but an ISP's capture page (which is broken) - but you would have gotten a big as certificate warning (and you will still get a "broken https" icon). If you did not see this, this is also your / your companies fault.
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    Here some more info. It work correctly before until it break.

    "There is some broken server setup at you company (different IPs are treated differently)" = I am not sure if it change because I am not entitled to that information.

    I am not really sure but if it is not ISP problem , why is it fix when I use internet connection provided by different ISP?

    I try using the VPN (not the company provided one) and I can login to it (with the same ISP which have problem before).
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