I found out last week that I was passed up for a promotion not because I didn't deserve it but because I got one last year.

My manager asked to have me promoted. People on other teams wanted me promoted. HR did not.

I wasn't mad about it at the time but the more that I think about it the more it's getting me down. I've been pushing myself trying to prove that I would be good for the position and now I have lost all motivation and I hate it. I like where I am at and I like what I do but this has really killed it for me. I'm struggling to get anything done now.

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    There is always an HR involved. Fuck your HR!
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    lol HR logic doing you a solid
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    Tell your manager (or whoever is responsible for this) that HR is harmful for motivation and productivity, meaning it is harmful for business. Make the cost of their decision clear. If they never get to know the consequences they can never change.
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    I could understand the decision if you hadn’t been performing as well in your current role and the felt you need a bit more time before moving up, but if that were the case then your boss, and other teams, wouldn’t have put you forward for it.
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    Talk to your boss, not HR.

    About 10 years agfo I was looking for a job. Interview went great and we agreed on the salary.

    Then RH send email "This amounbt is not possible to conform to our internal grids"

    I called boss and hr went fucked them selves.

    the most useless departement in any company
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    Look elsewhere. Not out of spite, but because it's way easier to get a promotion that way, and your company has shown you where their loyalties lie.

    There's a reason most people only stay in a job a few years before moving on these days - by that time you're usually ready for the next rung of the ladder, and it's usually a ridiculous fight getting it at your current place who inevitably think you're paid "plenty enough where you are". Then it's just depressing staying in a role that you know is beneath you.
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