Ram drives are a very good and useful thing why has no one made a nice ram drive caddy using laptop ram, the speeds on the older ram and drives out do any drive on the market and the unit is not a lot to make, I happy to put some old DDR 2 ram a new life as a USB ram drive using as a page or swop drive or Live CD Drive.

Or am I missing something and they really hiding somewhere, the ram drives I seen are stupid price and offer functions we don't need or aimed at big server companies but this would really help privacy, or better still anyone know if we can make some kind of ram drive with maybe a maker board and laptop ram ?

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    @hube Ram drives with good battery back ups are already on the market but there old and cheaply made but sold at a stupid price and don't support the more up to date interfaces like you said there M2,fast Sata so on, and low powered ram is not that much these days many micro PC's now use it so its more common.

    Also the ram would be only used when the PC is active and the live OS would be stored on a rom/flash chip when its not used, since you only need read from rom to ram on boot should kinda work, then have it run from the ram drive there on, or using it as a page/swap drive you don't need a back up as your using only when your PC is active.

    There tech is there but people don't seem to be taking it forward, they want real safely then create a means where it does not even store the active/live data on means that is unable to be easily recovered aka RAM.
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