I was looking for about a month for a laptop. Then on this one magical day I open kijiji and see a Toshiba Thinkpad T450s with 20gb of ram, 138 ssd and an i5-6300U cpu going fo 500$ (value 2000+).

My first thought was. Okay. Scam alert. But you know. What if?

So I call up this person. And its a girl who got a pc from her bf, but really she wanted a mac so she is selling it.

This straight up blew my mind. I decided, fuck it. Got 500. Ran to her. Ran a systems check on the laptop. Checked for any attempts at opening it up. Checked the harddrive. Checked the ram. Everything is solid.

Long story short. Thank god for apple fangirls!

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    Wow. Talk about ungrateful.
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    😍"happy Valentine's day. Here's a not cheap good specs laptop for you, my Dear"
    💁"ooohh so sweet. I just wanted to get some money and buy a Mac. Thanks, I'll post an ad immediately"
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    Such a nice deal
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    Such odd specs 🤔
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    @Makenshi I guess the funny part is the boyfriend doesn't know her taste yet. But i agree selling it is pretty insulting lol.
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    I love Toshiba's Thinkpads 😀
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    @nbamaral exactly my thoughts. :) Had to google Toshiba ThinkPad =D
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    @ScribeOfGoD that was my first thought as well and I'm surprised more haven't mentioned it.
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    @ScribeOfGoD just leaving a comment here hoping OP explains why
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    For I'd love to have a laptop with 20GB of Random Access Memory
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    @sylar @ScribeOfGoD most probably it's a typo, would be 2 gb ram 😂
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    20gb?? 5x4gb? 2x8gb + 4gb? whatever it is - it makes me uncomfortable.
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    Well someone got screwed that night.
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    Make sure you reset Intel ME! I bought an amazing deal computer used off of an app called OfferUp. Found out months later Intel ME had been set up on it..
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    @AdityaJP My t460s has 4 soldered and one 16 stick in it. 20GB of memory is the max for many of lenovos t series. I don't doubt the GB, that Toshiba is strange, but it's probably because the seller didn't read the label =D
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    @AnirudhKonduru just google this laptops specs from the manufactorer, its essentially the base model with upped ram
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    We are now T450s bro. That's a good deal. A couple of months ago I too bought it in second hand for 690€ shipping cost included. But it has only 8GB Ram but 256 GB SSD... best laptop investment I have done so far.
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    @mcd0well me too...
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    @iguana which says or causes consequence as..? =)
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    @xios that doesn't make sense, machines are dual or quad channel. What manufacturer would shove one uneven stick like that? It forces the entire machine to single channel.
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    @Neotelos on general dual channel gives a 15-20% boost to the overall performance. Problem is that the bandwidth is seldom the bottleneck. Dual channel doubles it in theory. In practice it is seldom so. You need identical memory and that is quite hard especially when the first 4gb is soldered. So more memory trumps the marginal gains dual channel brings.

    Also memory controllers these are quite spanky. They still throttle the bandwidth to match the slower but in a 4+16 config it runs 8GB in dual channel and remaining 12GB in single channel. Quad channel works only if you have 4 sticks. That's quite seldom the case with business line laptops.

    This is what I have learned when researching the topic. Had exactly the same doubts when buying the strange 4+16 t460s. Not an expert on memory controllers =D
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    I'd give it out for free, hate Toshiba and anything it makes. I bought a Qosmio in 2004 the price was over 2K and spent another 2K on it during the next 3 years for repairs and parts before throwing it in the trash...
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    @mcd0well and 138 ssd.....?
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    @epsilongreedy woops. Just saw that
    Its 128... Unfortunately it wont let me correct it xD
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    @epsilongreedy yeah I guessed that was a typo, either 128 or 139 :)
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    At least my wife knows to only buy Apple gear.

    /me dodge bullets
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    I hope she got dumped over that.
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    Good job getting there asap to grab that bargain. You probably had to really burn some rubber in your Toyota Focus :)
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    Thoshiba or lenovo?
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    Call me an apple fanboy or whatever, but my iMac and MacBook Pro are both 6~7 years old now and still work like a charm, while none of my old PCs or laptops ranging from Toshiba, Dell, Lenovo, Compaq aged more than 3~4 years
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    @soheil I have an HP aged 12, a Fujitsu Siemens aged 10, and an Asus aged 7, all work like a charm.

    Maybe it's on you hmm ?
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    Nice !
    Also that's cool for her bf lol
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