Told my colleagues about devRant and they laughed it off saying that it's just 'another app'.
Fuck them.

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    Show them the new cartoon!
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    Devrant is love, devrant is life
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    My friends were saying the same thing until the saw the stickers on my laptop :)
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    @tild3 damn man! I'm still waiting for mine
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    It kind of is..
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    Try the cartoon. I convert three of my classmates to embrace devrant thanks to it

    What piss me off is in one of their rant they post my joke and almost can win the stress ball. Should have rant it my self. fml
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    It is just another app. Just happens to be another fucken good app. Just cause of the community
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    Yeah...fuck 'em!
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    My friends said the same thing...

    Fuck em!
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