What does “security first” software even mean? Like, it was developed by a competent team?

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    Simply put: We cared about security by ignoring all the cumbersome details.

    So.... We ignored security deliberately, you pay extra and gain nothing.

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    It means thinking about the security aspect from the beginning instead of desperately trying to bolt it on afterwards.
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    @Fast-Nop so, a competent team :D
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    @spacehash I'd say it's more about setting the right priorities from the get-go, which is rather about management priorities than team competence.

    You can have a team that is as competent as 440C hardened steel, but if they are told to work on other things, shit just will go downhills.
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    @Fast-Nop makes sense. I just feel like having security as a priority from the beginning should be a prerequisite for the software even being considered good, not a buzzword to classify the software
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    Security, like safety, can suck up an indefinite amount of time so you need a specialized authority to tell you when to draw the line because the product is secure or safe enough.
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