Hey, so i am a junior dev and work on core services of the company. The work is great, my team is great and manager is pretty helpful. I have been with the company for almost 3 years now and was my first role out of college. My manager has been really relaxed in working with alot of my irl stuff and seems pretty leniant than what i usually hear from others.

Question is there is a smaller company trying to build a new team in my city and is offering an intermediate role with about 30-40% increase in salary if i clear the interviews. Is it a good idea to switch if i am really comfortable in my spot and even during the pandemic my company was super stable.

Also i have been hinted that might be getting a promotion by the end of the year or something like that. But when i asked bluntly about the compensation change i wont be getting as big of a change as the other company. A friend suggested that i go through the interview process and use that offer to get better comp, i have read somewhere that that tactic might be harmful in the future. Just wanted some pointers or anything you could pitch in :)

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    It's up to you but it isn't unusual for folks to have to move to see big jumps in pay.

    "Hints" of a promotion are worth 0.

    Not saying you should move but I wouldn't value hints in any way.
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    I like to circulate my resume about every 10 months just so I kkow what skills are in demand and what salary I should be expecting. My number is 20%. If I can get a 20% raise by leaving my current company, I'll take the interview a bit more seriously
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    Well its open secret that promotion is up to 20% of salary and reatable with most employees. I as manager had used it if and it works, if employee asks for raise instead offer promotion + fraction of raise asked for. Most say yes. Not proud but this is a tool when upper management doesnt give budget. It will have long lasting negative effects on company culture, but thats a whole other discussion. So dont fall for it if is the case for you, in the end title "senior" just boosts bit of your ego, guy next to you might be senior cause he threatened to leave and ur boss used trick mentioned above to calm his tits. Id say its same as with girls, if you are considering new one there's something broken with old one and its better to break up.
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    If you have a good relationship with your manager, talk to them. Tell that you're really comfortable with the job, but the 40% raise if quite tempting. If they want to keep you, they will make a counter-offer. If not, then you have your answer.
    Wheb I switched jobs, it was in most cases about the money. But that didn't keep me from carefully looking at where I'm going. Never regretted a switch so far.
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    @Avimelekh i wasnt looking for a job, got offered so thought of having a chat to see what kind of salary i would be looking at.

    More of a scenerio where you are happy in a relationship but someone else comes to flirt with you 😂
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    @KatatonDzsentri yeah my only thing is that the job i am at i have a really chill manager, idk if that will be the case somewhere else.

    But yeah let me brush up my interview skills and go at it why not
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    @techno848 haha good for you. Then yeah maybe discuss it with manager and perhaps there are other benefits at your current job that compensate for that gap or you can meet half way.
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