I've adopted this per task desktop management think. Anyone else do this?

I make a new desktop, for a given task, support ticket, or whatever. And when I'm 'done'. I keep everything (ticket, whatever I was working on in vs code, related emails) open but minimize it all except the pull request waiting to happen.

If I get some feedback on the PR / changes I just fly through my virtual desktops and there it is and I'm ready to work.

Then after the PR goes through ... I keep it open for a bit anyway to be sure nothing bad happens.

Then after a while I shut it all down assuming that it is working well.

All this so I don't have to fire everything up again for a rando request or dork up or whatever.

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    I'm usually maxed out at 3 for a given app ... at most, and fairly rarely.

    My PRs go through fairly quickly so I don't tend to double up much.
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    I wish this workflow has more support :(

    I'm on Win10 and some of my gripes: I need some apps to be on all desktop (e.g. slack). Some apps are single instance, so opening it jumps to other desktop.
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