Trying to mock Azure storage was like a toxic relationship it gives a little bit of progress and hope to keep you around and goes back to the beginning and gets nowhere! Nope not doing it!

And I owe it to these words:

A great warrior knows when to quit!

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    and a great general knows how to avoid an unnecessary war, but our very existence is built on the tenacity of our ancestors.
    at a certain point human population went down to ~10.000...
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    Why mock azure storage? Separate code that is easy to test from code that is hard. Separate logic from infrastructure. Test your logic with mocked interfaces eg IFileStore. Implement a file store which uses azure behind the scenes for real execution. Test low level infrastructure - the azure file store concrete - using integration tests on sandbox accounts.
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    @craig939393 azure storage is already implemented as it is, the way I’ll need to go is Emulator and integration tests.
    The main on Github repo of Azure Storage was people were discussing how to to mock and how difficult it is. Creating a fake interface and abstract classes...I wanted to try before scrapping it out. Whole the solution uses mock, I wanted it for coherency. Not a necessity was just a trial
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