If a feature no one uses has a bug in it, is it possible for that bug to be flagged as critical?

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    Depends on the impact.

    It is not about how many users can be affected but jow they are affected, lets say this bug creates a legal liability for the company, that is critical.

    or represent harm to the company or the user, that is critical.

    Or causes revenue loss, also critical.

    If it causes a mild inconvenience that has nothing to do with the core product, then it is not critical.

    But every company creates its own criteria and it sometimes just sucks.
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    Imagine half a year from now, somebody uses that feature somewhere, unaware of the bug, and by that exposing a db or whatever. So yes. Either fix or remove it.
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    @mundo03 I agree, but in this particular case the feature is neither important nor used.
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    @pascalwacker But is it critical, as in drop everything and do it right now?
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    @Rabb wouldn't that be a blocker? Critical is a should be fixed in 2 days, while a blocker is drop every thing and fix it (at least that's what I've learned) and yes it's a bit overreacting but let's say it opens a db up to sql injections, then either data (including hashed passwords could get stolen) or the db could just get dropt or altered. Let's say it's for a crm and someone could alter the billing data, in such a case the bug is critical and as I've said before, if it's in the code, chances are that it's going to be used someday...
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