Best one minute life hack..
1. Uninstall Facebook Messenger
2. Uninstall WhatsApp
3. Uninstall Instagram, Snapchat
4. Install DevRant.

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    Have a girlfriend so whatsapp calls save me money. Facebook messenger lets me keep in touch with friends. And Facebook is missing from this list...
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    @alwaysmpe Yup Facebook is missing from that list indeed :P. Other than that, I use signal for friendie chatter and video calls and that's about it really
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    i recently removed fb and 9gag from my bookmarks bar in chrome and it works! im too lazy to type in the url (yes, it gives suggestions on fa... but still)

    * insert its something meme *
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    Yup. Just got done with that gradually. Less time waste!
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    Yeah i missed out many of 'em.. But it was 1 minute hack na.. so! :D
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    And than realise devrant isn't a messenger app...
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