Can i build an android application which will scan all the android apps present in your phone for viruses? Please provide any links.. Please.. i am not getting a headstart :(

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    Ya, there are a few hundred apps, many of whom are by trusted international brands that already do this, for free, using the databases of virus signatures they have amassed over decades.
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    @RTRMS no actually i want to develop such an app which will scan other apps for viruses. Any Public API is available?
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    @tethys0 Yes, the are hundreds of apps that already do that, made by the same companies that created the desktop virus scanners. Norton, Avast, BitDefender, Eset.

    You want to try and compete with those guys, there is no public API, you will need to develop your won Heuristic detection algorithms, maintain your own DB of known virus signatures.

    There is no such thing as an open API for a multi billion dollar industry
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    @RTRMS Yes.. But there should be one :(
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    @tethys0 Y would someone open up an API for free that holds decades worth of data that cost billions to gather, run on priority algorithms.

    Symantec alone is worth of 11 billion US and you expect companies like that to give away their hard work so that some guy can develop an app that does exactly what their does?

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    @RTRMS Yes, that's also true. 😢
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