So I'm working on this little personal project (also as a way to keep my "skills" sharpened for the coming semester), that first started as a workaround to do this other thing, and I wanted to develop it and make it a full fledged thing, with a GUI (or something that resembles it, I don't know how to make GUIs yet, and IDK why is it a 3rd grade thing) and all instead of existing just in the IDE's terminal. When it was on the workaround stage it was just this ugly monster, with only 2 things one could do, but it worked. Now I'm going for a more polished thing and it's starting to break on me, and in places I didn't expect it to LoL
It's like I'm on a boat and I'm getting leaks from everywhere. Arr gotta get me a bucket and save me boat from sinking

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